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Who we are

Allison Monkhouse has had vast experience working alongside consular offices around the world to repatriate citizens as expeditiously as possible. The death of a family member overseas is often complicated by the distance, unusual customs, procedures and language barriers. Often the reference point for the surviving family members is the procedures and customs they are familiar with from their home country. We strive to overcome these barriers using our local knowledge and network of agents around the world that we have worked with in the past and are assured of their professionalism and commitment to assist the repatriation in a timely manner.

Corporate and Consular Assistance

Allison Monkhouse have worked with a number of international based organizations and assisted the repatriation of employees from overseas postings or overseas business trips. Business travel these days takes us to more challenging destinations all of which Allison Monkhouse can assist with repatriation. We can also assist family members or fellow employees wishing to return home in advance or facilitating for them to fly home on board the same aircraft as the deceased person. In addition, personal effects can also be arranged to be repatriated with the body. Call Allison Monkhouse for a no obligation quote, general advice or to arrange repatriation worldwide.

We understand that some families do not have the benefit of insurance which creates additional stresses at an emotional time. In these cases, cost is an important factor. Allison Monkhouse offer a number of options enabling the family to decide which works best for their own personal circumstances and cultural requirements.


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